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Your marital settlement agreement or divorce decree encompasses many life-altering determinations regarding child custody, child support, asset division, and, of course, alimony. Any decisions or concessions you make during the negotiation process can have a significant impact on your overall financial stability. Plus, if you make less money than your spouse, you may struggle to adjust to your post-divorce life. Fortunately, the court can award you alimony, or “spousal support,” to help you adjust to your permanent change in circumstances.

At Buckmaster & Ellzey, our Daytona Beach alimony lawyers can help you secure a spousal support order that safeguards your standard of living. Whether you’re negotiating the terms of a divorce settlement agreement or modifying an existing court order, our experienced legal team has the skills and legal resources to help you obtain a positive case result.

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The Purpose of Alimony

Spousal support options are intended to help a lower-earning spouse transition to single life and a single income. Per Florida law, there are five types of alimony orders that can be issued by the court: temporary alimony, rehabilitative alimony, permanent alimony, and bridge-the-gap alimony. Spousal support in Florida is calculated according to the receiving spouse’s needs and the paying spouse’s general ability to make payments. The paying spouse can provide spousal support in monthly installments or as a lumpsum amount.

The court needs to evaluate the following factors before deciding to award alimony:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • The standard of living established during the marriage
  • The age of both parties
  • The physical, mental, and emotional conditions of each party
  • The financial resources of both spouses
  • The present and future earning capacities of each spouse
  • The time the receiving spouse needs to reestablish their career
  • The contributions each spouse made to the marriage

Florida law recognizes that it’s natural for your personal and financial circumstances to change over time. The original alimony determinations made during the negotiation process may no longer reflect your immediate needs. Fortunately, you can ask the court for an alimony modification or termination. Of course, your legal team is required to prove that your change in circumstances truly necessitates a modification. At Buckmaster & Ellzey, our Daytona Beach alimony lawyers can review your legal options, collect evidence, and develop an effective argument that can be presented in court. If your case is successful, the court may agree to issue a modified alimony order.

Safeguard Your Standard of Living

At Buckmaster & Ellzey, we take pride in helping our clients financially prepare for the next chapters of their lives. If you’re interested in pursuing a fair spousal support award or need to modify an existing order, contact our Daytona Beach alimony attorneys. Our legal team represents both paying and receiving spouses.

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